About Us

We've raised $2m from some of the best investors and operators in crypto and gaming to achieve our vision.


Lives of Asuna Accessory-Swap Backend

Yomi Games is the architect and developer of Lives of Asuna's innovative cross-chain inventory swapping feature. Asuna ETH NFT owners can trade and swap accessories with each other on Polygon, without bridging or paying gas fees.

Lives of Asuna is a top anime NFT collection, with over 24K ETH traded and illustrated by notable anime artists Zumi and Hagglefish.

An upgraded version will power Yomi Conservatory's core trading and accessory upgrade features.


Oni Squad & Oni Mansion

Oni Squad, our first NFT collection, was a series of collectible ghosts offered as a free mint to our community. Oni Squad holders, along with several partner projects, gained access to play in our first gaming event, Oni Mansion.

Oni Mansion was a social on-chain game where players earned tokens to upgrade and customize their very own Mansion over the course of one month. It utilized an innovative bridge-less and gas-less architecture allowing players to maintain assets on Ethereum while executing on-chain actions on Polygon. Mansions even came with their very own generative music.



ERC-721AG is an open-source, publicly available extension to Azuki's ERC-721A contract standard. We added a few optimizations to enable NFTs be more flexible and adaptable for gaming utility, while lower gas costs.